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Mileage Verification Report

Miles driven is a primary predictor of driver risk. Some policyholders are not aware that annual miles would reflect premium pricing. Mileage Verification Report allows Insurers to receive verified data without impacting driver's privacy.

The integration of telematics with IoT connectivity means that companies can automatically and accurately collect and measure driving data, therefore calculating a more accurate premium that takes into account the actual exposure to risk.

Among the most used parameters:



Miles Travelled

Vehicle Speed

Average Distance Travelled

Trip Duration


Driving Behavior Insights

We analyze various number of Driving Insights for your Actuarial Models consideration.

These insights are delivered to policyholders to educate and inculcate good driving behavior and to Insurers as components to be used in generating a more definitive premium pricing.

Insurers may choose the Driving Insights most relevant to their UBI program objectives.

Sudden Braking and Acceleration

Speed Indicators

Duration, Direction, Force of Acceleration Triggered

Driving Pattern

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